We are incredibly excited to share some industry changing news on several microbial issues associated with oak wine barrels, particularly the Brettanomyces spoilage yeast. Learn more.

Welcome to reWine Barrels!
Let us completely refurbish your old/neutral barrels at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. All barrels are refurbished with a lifetime of fine woodworking experience.

Reasons to choose reWine:

We work with wineries, cideries, distillers and brewers.

We also have refurbished oak "vessels" from as small as 30 gallons to as large as 1,650 gallons (traditional size barrel is 59 gallon) & every size in-between. Call for more information.

Pricing Information

We offer discounts according to quantity ordered and time of year. Let us refurbish your barrels during the winter months for a deeper discount.

Call 503.362.1576 or email us for pricing information.

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