These are two flavor profiles from a 2010 Pinot Noir lot from Elkton, Oregon. The new barrel is a brand new French Oak Seguin Moreau, the reWine Barrel is a refurbished four year old French Oak Seguin Moreau.

The two graphs show the amazingly similar flavor profiles of the two barrels. The “flavors” of the barrels are the way our senses perceive the “taste” of certain compounds (lactones, vanillans, guicals…) associated with toasted oak.

First Fill of New Barrel

eugenol (ug/L) 8 furfural (ug/L) 602
isoeugenol (ug/L) <1 trans-oak lactone (ug/L) 18
4-methylguaiacol (ug/L) 10 cis-oak lactone (ug/L) 24
guaiacol (ug/L) 16 vanillin (ug/L) 164
5-methylfurfural (ug/L) 38

First Fill of Refurbished reWine Barrel

eugenol (ug/L) 11 furfural (ug/L) 634
isoeugenol (ug/L) <1 trans-oak lactone (ug/L) 18
4-methylguaiacol (ug/L) 7 cis-oak lactone (ug/L) 31
guaiacol (ug/L) 20 vanillin (ug/L) 192
5-methylfurfural (ug/L) 49


For a detailed explanation about the graphs please follow these links to ETS:

ETS Laboratories Oak Aroma Analysis (PDF)

ETS Laboratories Oak Aroma FAQ (PDF)

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