Our thorough process and hands on craftsmanship insure you receive the highest quality refurbishing process available in the industry.


We inspect every barrel thoroughly to ensure structural integrity, as well to determine there are no undesired biological factors present. Next, both heads are removed to allow the barrels to dry to the desired humidity level.


We prep the barrel for shaving by sanding the outside and hand shaving anything that may interfere with our shaving machine.


The barrel is shaved using our proprietary machine (patent pending). Approximately 3/16th of an inch of wood is removed by our custom manufacturing cross-grain cutter. Once the barrel has been shaved, we inspect and touch it up by hand to ensure the barrel is ready for toasting.


Our patent-pending toasting process is next. Our barrels are slowly toasted with an electric element for an average of two hours which allows for a truly deep toast. The interior staves never see more than 405 degrees while the exterior temperature of the staves will rise to 190 degrees. This ensures all phenols and any residual ethanols are eliminated from the barrels while “awakening” the new barrel flavors of the wood.

This extended heat is what also sanitizes and sterilizes the barrel of any ethyl acetate or microbial issues, i.e. Brettanomyces that are currently present in the barrel. The heads are also heat treated at a temperature of 195 degrees
The barrel heads are resized to compensate for any shrinkage that has occurs as a result of extended toasting, to ensure the barrels will not leak.


As a quality control we hydrate every barrel by filling it completely with filtered and dechlorinated water. This water helps soften tannins as well as ensure the barrel is completely liquid tight.

Finish / Delivery

Once the barrel is proven watertight, we drain it, and gas it with SO2 to create an inert environment inside the barrel. Finally we wrap the barrels individually and deliver them directly to our customers. The entire process normally takes 10-14 business days. Please contact us if you have a rush order.

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